This straight-lined range is extremely flexible - because the colour change control of the LED-
emotion lighting changes the mood in the bathroom in a most exciting way! The high-gloss chrome bar handle with the lacquered inlay is not only a charming detail, but also a stylish accent. A fabulous ambience is created in the bathroom in combination with the exclusive "evermite" cast mineral washstand and the lacquered surfaces.

Front-/ carcase colours

787 / 187
787 / 187
white lacquer hgl.
788 / 188
788 / 188
grey lacquer hgl.
789 / 189
789 / 189
carbon lacquer hgl.


Pull outs and drawers with buffered closing
no. 554

door with integrated buffered closing

– scratch-resistant and easy-care


  • no. 21
    cast mineral washbasin "evermite", white
  • no. 82
    glass washbasin, optiwhite
  • no. 83
    glass washbasin, quartzite grey


  • no. 387
    handle chrome with the lacquered inlay, white
  • no. 388
    handle chrome with the lacquered inlay, grey
  • no. 389
    handle chrome with the lacquered inlay, carbon

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