Care tips

A regular care and cleaning increases the serviceable life of your furnishing and household objects. You are certain to find a few useful tips if you want to know how to do this best. Our instructions should help you to keep your furniture looking good longer with the care which the material needs.

Clean your bathroom furniture regularly using a moist cloth or chamois leather. A glass cleaner spray should be used for a thorough cleaning or to remove stubborn stains. Do not use any furniture polish, abrasive detergent, stain remover, etc.! Only wipe over solid wood fronts in the direction of the grain so that the dirt can be removed from the pores; please note that different light ir sun effects can results in colour changes in the long-term.No chromium cleaning agent is to be used to clean handles and ornamental strips.

Please only clean the mirrored surfaces with a soft cloth or a moist chamois leather and use a glass cleaner spray which is ready for use. We recommend the use of Sidolin. Please ensure that the edges of the mirrors come into contact with as little moisture as possible.

We recommend that a special bathroom cleaner such as biff universal bath cleaner be used for the daily care and in order to remove calcification and soap residue.

The washstand can be cleaned using all conventional granular cleaning agents, e.g. biff universal bath cleaner. Any surface damage can be repaired by polishing up with vehicle polish.

We recommend the use of a conventional cleansing milk such as Sidolin Stahl & Ceran both for daily cleaning and to remove stubborn residues.

Hinges and other moving parts are provided with lubrication by the manufacturer. The pivots should be lubricated with a small amount of sewing machine oil on an annual basis.

A ready for use bathroom cleaner such as biff universal bath cleaner should be used in order to assure a gentle and brightness-retaining cleaning. It is recommended that a special decalcifier such as Sidol universal declacifier be used for especially persistent calcification.