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Collection Modern Life by

Maja Princess of Hohenzollern

"Modern Life" by Maja Princess of Hohenzollern is a sustainable design line with clear structures. The design combines warm natural colours with trendy surfaces. This results in an atmosphere that is as homely as it is modern. This appealing bathroom furniture range is also available in a handleless version using push to open technology.

Special accent

The decorative line, available in either Cosmos grey matt or titanium grey matt, adds a very special accent in this range.

Modern Classic
Modern Classic
Modern Classic
Ceramic washbasin Connect Air
Ceramic washbasin Málaga
Handle 329 chrome
Handle 338 matt aluminium
Handle 339 black matt
Handleless - push to open
Front / carcase decors
Cosmos grey matt
Quartz grey matt
Titanium grey matt
Noble white matt / White
Polar white high gloss / white high gloss
Natural oak effect
Halifax oak