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Experience the highlight of this year's new products, and twice: the "c!puro and c!mano programs stand for creative and design-oriented bathroom design and combine practical and functional benefits. c!puro has a clean look with no handles in front. With c!mano, the handle is placed on the front as a design element.

Individual design ideas

"New Xpression" also appeals for its innovative mirror cabinet, which was specially developed for the range. The special feature is the LED lighting on the side that, thanks to the puris emotion control, can be adapted to your own mood in colour temperature and light output.

From Cardiff oak and Cosmos grey matt to titanium matt, a total of six trendy decors are available to make individual design ideas a reality in the bathroom with "New Xpression". The results delight for their contemporary aesthetics and functionality.

Overview of other new items

Cool Line - new decor Cardiff oak
Mirror cabinet with side lighting High Line 150
Kera Plan: decor Cardiff oak
Bar handle black matt
Speed: 600 mm wide combination
Ace: decor Cosmos grey matt
Unique: decor Cardiff oak